5* Review for Hell’s Knights (The MC Sinners Series Book 1) by Bella Jewel


I read this book as part of the box set. What can say other than this is a must read.
Sexy rough and ready bikers,
Hot as sin sex (with a position I would love to give a go if I didn’t think the only thing I would be licking would be my belly button 😜)
Sassy stubborn leading female

I loved Addison and Cade, the romance builds quite quickly which I normally don’t like in a book but it seemed right with these two. Addisons background is quite dark and I had a lot of sympathy for her but she was so strong and sassy, I was rooting for her from the beginning. It did become quite obvious not far into the book where the storey was going to go, but there was enough suspense and angst in the storey to keep my interest while I got there. Other characters were introduced in the book who hope I hope get their stories.

This was a fantastic read and I can’t wait to get to the next one.


Cliffhangers!! Love them, hate them?

Ok, so I read on average 3 books a week. It’s my favourite thing to do, I love ‘one clicking’ them, I love watching them appear on my kindle and even love sorting them into collections. I used to read whatever looked good regardless of whether it was part of a series or not, but then realised I could not cope with THE CLIFFHANGER. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cliffhanger, I love the excitement that builds and the hangover that I know is going to occur I also love to know that I have the next book sitting on my kindle ready to go. But what happens when you don’t have the next one, or it hasn’t been released? Worst book hangover ever is what happens!!! I don’t like it, I hate that by the time the next ones released I’ve lost the excitement that I felt for previous book because I’ve read so many books in the meantime I’ve forgotten some of the details some of the nuances of the characters. So now unless I’m asked to review a book I won’t read a book that’s part if a series until it’s complete and I have them all sitting on my kindle. What’s the general opinion?Read as they come or enjoy them together? Below is a list of some of my favourite trilogy’s or series that I read together and don’t think I would have enjoyed as much if I’d read them apart. I should say at this point that some if these series do still have releases to come but I think when you read enough of them together the characters take more of a foothold in my mind and are easier to remember and return to.

50 Shades by EL James
This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Crashed by K Bromberg
Lucian Knight Trilogy Series by Kitty French
Sinners by Olivia Cunning
Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig
Stark Trilogy by J Kenner
The Ever Trilogy by Jasinda Wilder
A Spiral of Bliss series by Nina Lane
The Edge of Always/Never by JA Redmerski